As much speculated, The Weeknd confirms his source of inspiration for his third studio LP, Starboy.

Frankie Zing

David Bowie as 70’s record titled “Starman” and it’s only fitting as a true artist that Abel creates his vision for “Starboy”.

Abel spoke to The Wall Street Journal about his creative process with his album that’s dropping this November 25th:

“I just love Bowie; I think he’s the ultimate inventor.”

Abel than commented on Daft Punk who helped create his Starboy LP:

“Their studio is like a spaceship; there’s a lot of gear,” he said. “But the way they make music, the way they explain it, is very cinematic. It’s like they’re reading a page out of a novel – ‘We want to make sure that at the end, it feels like the sun’s coming up, and maybe there’s a car chase.’ They can get technical, but it was interesting how they visualize making music.”

Peep the full interview with WSJ here.