When Kevin Durant isn’t terrorizing opposing defenses on the court, one of the things he enjoys most is photography. He famously had the opportunity to be an on field photographer during Super Bowl 50 and he loved every second of it. So when Russell Westbrook showed up to Oracle arena in Oakland last night for the Thunder’s matchup with the Warriors coincidentally dressed as a photographer, many people assumed it was a shot at Durant. Despite the topic completely taking over social media, Russell said it was all for not and his fashion choice had nothing to do with KD.


In case you were under a rock last night, it was the first time that Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant faced off as opponents and it looked like Russ set the tone early when he walked into the arena.

Prior to the game tipping off, Russ was asked about the vest and said there was “no story behind it”.

The vest personally never struck me as a jab at Durant because there are many other things Russ could say or do if he wanted to make it clear that he was throwing shots. Regardless, something about the night really got KD going as he exploded for 29 points in the first half, en route to 39 points and a 122-96 Warriors win.

After the game he was asked about the vest Westbrook had on and he didn’t seem to care for the topic.

“I don’t care about what nobody wear to the game. Who gives a shit? I don’t care what he wore.”

By the end of the night the vest wasn’t really an issue anymore after the way the Warriors ran the Thunder out of the building. These two teams will face off twice more this season and each time the atmosphere will feel the same with all the emotions and hurt feelings but if the vest was indeed a shot from Russ, he better just focus on finding ways to win.