Charles Barkley works for TNT with Inside The NBA but he is constantly on ESPN for one reason or another, usually for some type of interview. However that didn’t stop him from throwing shots at the worldwide leader in sports last night after the Warriors game with the Thunder.


During Inside the NBA, Kenny Smith and Charles were discussing how Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook didn’t acknowledge each other on the court. Jokingly, Kenny said “Why don’t you go to ESPN and then I can not talk to you?”

Barkley then hilariously replied “they’re not gonna work me like a dog and not pay me”

“Wait, why wouldn’t you go to ESPN?” Smith asked.

“They’re not gonna work me like a dog and not pay me!” Barkley said again. “They’ll have me on ESPN 1, 2, 3, ESPN News, ESPNU, ESPN Radio, and then come up with that little puny check.”

“They’ll have me on ESPN Deportes,” Barkley said, “saying, ‘Muy bien, gracias!'”

As you saw, the entire set erupted in laughter and it was another reminder of why this is the best sports show on television. I’m sure there were some folks at ESPN who weren’t thrilled.

H/t Complex