While there wasn’t much talk last night between Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant directly, there was definitely a whole lot of talking going on in general. Thunder players like Enes Kanter and Jerami Grant tried to talk to Durant, which turned out to be a horrible idea, while a couple players on the Warriors were chirping as well. The trash talk coming from Golden State was something that wasn’t lost on Westbrook after the game.


Westbrook easily had his worst game of the season last night and didn’t get much help from any of his Thunder teammates. It’s easy for the Warriors as a whole to collapse on him defensively without having to worry about a player like Durant as well. Perhaps that is one of the reasons Russ feels like they are talking more now.

Last night was going to be full of emotion no matter what, which inevitably would lead to some back and forth trash talk. Hopefully nobody from the Warriors was talking to Russ about anything regarding him and Durant because that would be stepping over the line.

Durant was running his mouth alot himself but never in the direction of Westbrook specifically. Russ is correct when he says they will see them again. The Warriors better not bank on Russ putting up another pedestrian performance because we all know he is going all out every time he steps on the court. It would be wise if they didn’t get overconfident