LeBron James is the best NBA player in the world and is very popular, but he comes second to Cristiano Ronaldo which ESPN pointed out in their World Fame 100.  The king signed the first lifetime contract with Nike, and now Ronaldo has signed one as well with the athletic apparel giant.

Ronaldo has been with Nike since 2003 and has since become one of the most famous and marketable athletes on the planet.  Not only was he ESPN’s most famous, Forbes listed him as the top-earning athlete of 2016, bringing in $88 million.

Now, The Swoosh has just announced CR7 will be scoring goals in Nikes for the rest of his career and beyond, saying, “The successful partnership between Nike and Ronaldo will continue well into the future with a new, long-term contract.”

Ronaldo issued a video statement saying the contract is “for life.”

Financial details were not disclosed but Ronaldo, of course, doesn’t come cheap.  LeBron James’ recent lifetime deal with Nike is reportedly worth more than $1 billion.  According to TMZ Sports, their Nike sources say Ronaldo’s deal is “very similar” to LeBron’s deal.

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