Lady Gaga has now took a stand as she joins in on protesting Trump outside of the Trump Tower. As previously stated, a lot of people are not happy with Trump being elected as our president. I’m really confused as to how this happened being that everyone seems to hate him so much, yet he won some of the states that we would have never predicted such as Florida and Pennsylvania. Gaga says Trump has divided us and she is not here for it.

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Gaga says,

“I want to live in a #CountryOfKindness #LoveTrumpsHate He divided us so carelessly. Let’s take care now of each other,”

The caption was followed by a photo of Gaga with a ‘Love Trumps Hate’ sign. The Trump Tower was blocked off with dump trucks but that did not stop Gaga from making her presence at the Tower seen. She was seen at the Javits Center with the Clinton campaign in NYC. She encouraged all her followers to continue to vote and shared how important it was. She even shared a moment with Black Lives Matter leader, DeRay McKesson saying,

“In a room full of hope, we will be heard. @iamderay #blacklivesmatter Stand up for kindness, equality, and love.”

Source: Complex