It really happened.

Frankie Zing

Despite a long, grueling, tolling, and back and forth battle with Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump has come out victorious and is officially the next president elect of the USA.

It was a long night as the world was waiting to hear who won Pennsylvania, when the electoral vote score was 254-218 Trump winning. Then all of a sudden, people started cheering and the score changed to 274, Donald surpassing the magic number of 270 electoral votes at around 2:30 am. (Alot of different news outlets are reporting different numbers so it’s tough to say exactly what they are, but this is what went on during Fox News live last night).

Mr. President Elect has officially shocked the world taking home a solid win over Hillary Clinton, beating out her campaign which he claimed was rigged. If it was, how in the world did he pull this off? He’s been doubted by the entire world for 18 months since he began this journey and history just changed before our eyes. Watch his victory speech below: