Eighteen-year-old Dylan Broughman has now been arrested and charged with the murder of his 69-year-old grandmother. Police say they responded to a domestic disturbance between Broughman and Joyce Courson. The two were fighting due to Courson taking her grandson’s beer and hiding it while he was showering.

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A witness to the account says they heard a few loud bangs followed by Courson screaming for help. They then found the 69-year-old on the ground while watching her grandson flee the scene. She was taken to the hospital where she was able to tell police what happened. She said her grandson became violent with her, began punching her in the face while he held her on the ground and kicking her. The plot twist to all of this, is the boy’s mother is pretty much taking up for him. She says that is her son and although she does feel like he should punished, she doesnt think he should be punished by what he’s receiving. Im a little lost on that one. A young man killed her grandmother over a beer, he deserves as much time as possible.

This world man, I tell ya. It’s crazy!

Rest in peace to the life taken.

Source: WSHH