Number twenty three…wow, it feels like just a few weeks ago we started, but that was like April, or may or some ?, either way it’s been a minute and we are showing consistency because we kinda know what we’re doing, not that anyone else doesn’t, just we do, for sure, just saying…

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alright, The day, emailed label rep(Homie Jay), found out beat, yesterday, so all I had to do was pick up Alysha and go to the spot, BUT, traffic on this post election ‘Now Trump’ day was a little ridiculous so I hit Alysha, she took a taxi and met me there. So I turn off the westside at one of the turns I can take to get to where I’m going…so I’m driving and I get a call from Drewski, he’s like ‘Phresher hit me, he’s there, I was like it’s not me, you gotta talk to Tat’ but he and I hadn’t met yet, and I was dealing with the label (side note, I need to go hang with my BK ni**as, been a few weeks), so I was like no it’s cool, I’m mad close, he just didn’t have my number and I was dealing with the label, Drew was like ok cool I’ll let him know, then we was like later. Then when I’m a block away, the label called, like ‘Hey…he’s there, just want to… I stopped them and was like I’m pulling up now, we’re all good, label was like cool and I got out. I hit the first hallway and Alysha was there, so we go up from there. Phresher and crew were in the hallway waiting to be let in.

So we all come in, they use the restroom, get water, get comfortable, Alysha and I set up, check levels, get ready to just hit the button. I strike up a conversation about the election, I’m curious either way you know, but I appreciated Phresher’s response, he said

‘Man some people have to stop letting things stop them, it happened, now what’

I respected that, that’s the base of moving forward I said it in a tweet earlier, Trump has reminded me that you WILL get knocked TF down, it’s the how, why, when, who helped, or Didn’t help, it’s the analytics of what happens next, after the knock down, that tells the tale of who you are…I’m gonna tweet that, right now…Ok that was cool, waste of time but cool.

Any how, he hears the beat, I go to open the door for Funk, we go back up and immediately get to it;

We wrapped up, Phresher and I talked about some tech, so that politics, and tech, and he’s from BK, I like this guy!!

Ok let’s talk about some lyrics;

He brought up ‘Homie don’t play that’, wow, an “In Living Color” reference, haven’t seen that in forever.

He’s talking to someone, mentioning their lyrics, and style, then he said he said ‘who’s picking these niggas’, lol, that was to all the rappers that previously came thru to flow ?.

He then said ‘I made you, why would I play you, you was smoking K2’, I’m just gonna ? about that one…but I will point out he borrowed piece of that from BIG, which him being from BK, is flattery!

He said ‘Foolio’, that’s some Brooklyn ?, love it!! Ok I’m not genius, I don’t translate the whole thing, just point out the highlights, go ahead and listen to it multiple times and see if you can get more, Or, or, or, WHO he’s talking about!