Earlier on in the year, Lil Yachty said he was working on PBM2 with Soulja Boy and Lil B…apparently there was already a bunch of stuff made and ready to go…until they started “beefing” a couple weeks ago.

Frankie Zing

Soulja Boy told XXL:

“Nah, that shit is over. Me and Lil Yachty started beefing so that shit is dead. Lil B is my brother though. That’s the original Pretty Boy Millionaires anyway. Lil Yachty was never in Pretty Boy Millionaires. We were just going to put him in there to make it fun and make it dope.”

“Y’all probably aren’t going to get no Soulja Boy-Lil Yachty music. We probably made like four of five songs but yeah, that shit is over. If y’all get PBM 2, it’s probably just going to be me and Lil B. It ain’t no beef though. Shout-out to Lil Yachty. Keep doing your thing.”

Looks like that petty beef that eventually came down to nothing…was all for nothing. Smh