The Cleveland Cavaliers visited the White House yesterday and it was a day Iman Shumpert will never forget. He found out what being a boss really means when he saw the power of President Obama.


Kevin Love was speaking with the POTUS and presented him with a Cavs jersey in honor of their 2016 NBA championship. Thinking ahead, President Obama said they should remove the podium so people can get better photo opportunities. At that point Obama yelled “team” and everyone went into action, which left Shump in awe.

Lol, #ImanShumpert was blown away by President #Obamas portable podium ???

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Later in the day, Shump tweeted “all he said was team, #hedaman”.

He followed that up with “I want y’all to say “team” and see if anything around your house get done ??? y’all ain’t seen #boss yet”.

Anyone who thought they were a boss or had some power got flexed on by Obama yesterday and it was great. Shump’s reaction became the talk of the day on a day where plenty of other things were going on at the White House.