Since day one, T.I. has always expressed his view on Donald Trump. He has never been here for it. With Donald Trump becoming our next president, the world has been going crazy with protest. T.I. and Meek Mill has even joined in on the protesting.

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T.I. spoke on the protesting at the Trump Tower saying,

“There wasn’t as much fanfare as you may expect in a large group. It was more so, ‘Hey, that’s…thank you for being out here with us, it’s great to see you here.'”

Kimmel asked T.I. why he feels as though protesting is the right thing for Americans to do. He says,

“Nobody in their right mind can ever assume that, you know, just gathering and going somewhere and showing your incredible disdain for a decision that the nation has made, that that will actually do anything immediately. However, when I look at my kids after this thing takes place, I voted and I’ve done everything that I could prior to now. But after the decision of the election had happened, I just want to be able to look my kids in the eyes and make sure that they know that I did everything that the constitution allows me to do to show my objection to this decision.”

Check out what T.I. had to say below.

Source: Complex