Superbowl champ Von Miller made a huge error in judgment and is now currently trying to keep the visual a secret. Yep, sex tape.

The Denver Bronco went to Mexico over the summer and had consensual relations with internet sensation Elizabeth Ruiz. Homegirl recorded the session and it seems that Von was aware, but wanted her to delete it after the fact. Sounds like the tables were turned on this one…lol. Isn’t it usually us saying stop playin…you gonna delete it, right?

Von knows that she wants to be “the next Kim Kardashian” but allowed her to record their interlude anyway. Now he wants a judge to block the release of the tape that Ruiz is trying to squeeze $2.5M out of him for. Damn!!!!

So here’s my question. Why is Von so dead set on us NOT seeing the tape? I mean, it’s already out there that you did it at this point…allegedly. Sooooo, what little thing is it that Von doesn’t want us to know about? #IJS

Good luck bruh.

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