Foot Locker is great at turning an athlete’s issues into a funny commercial for their campaigns.  They got D’Angelo Russell to make fun of his snitching, and Horace Grant and Draymond Green poked fun at themselves having to play with a superstar and not being as famous.  In Foot Locker’s new ad for their ‘Week of Greatness’ campaign, they got Tom Brady to mock his DeflateGate scandal.

The New England Patriots quarterback was forced to sit out the first four games of this season for allegedly being aware and taking part in the team’s scheme to deflate footballs in the 2015 AFC championship game.  Brady and the NFL went through a long drawn out process with numerous appeals, and in the end, he had to serve the suspension.

It didn’t hurt the team at all as they’re now 7-2, so Brady is finally ready to laugh at the situation.

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