Celebrities are now coming out left and right and stating their opinion on Donald Trump’s election. Vince Staples has now came out to speak on Trump and his victory.

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Vince says,

“It makes sense. They vote, people vote. If you vote, and somebody wins, that’s what it’s set up for. It’s fair.”

Vince states his grandmother called the Trump victory on Mother’s Day.

“She said, ‘You niggas is crazy if you think that lady [Hillary Clinton] is going to win’—her exact sentence. [Clinton] had a lot of things going against her. I personally don’t believe that any person is 100 percent good or 100 percent bad […] It is what it is. What you got to understand is that it says less about him and more about us; if you saying certain things, and people is agreeing with it, then I mean that’s how they feel.”

He says he is going to give Trump a chance because for one he has no choice. He says,

“I mean, what are you going to do? Pop him?

This is partly true. We really have no choice but to let Trump do what he’s going to do.

Check out what Vince had to say below.

Source: Complex