Young Ma is truly hot on the streets as her single ‘OUUUU’ has been doing numbers. Ma was recently stopped while at the airport where she got a chance to speak on being an inspiration to a lot of her listeners. The photo-opp definitely caught Ma off guard but she still able to drop a few gems.

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Ma says she considers herself important to the industry because she is the first openly gay hip-hop artist. She then spoke on The Game using her beat to diss Meek Mill. She said she didn’t really care and that the beef is old. Ma says it does not bother her that people pay a lot of attention to her sexuality. She says you’ll always have people who criticize but its only apart of the game which is true. People will always and forever have an opinion. She also makes it clear that people don’t just pay attention to the sexuality they also pay attention to her bars. Let’s not forget how Ma crushed her freestyle with our very own Funk Flex. Those bars are definitely there. Besides that, I think it truly is important to have artist like Young Ma in the game. She definitely is paving a way for people to be more comfortable in their own skin.

Check out the full encounter below.

Source: TMZ