Dave Chapelle will be making his way back to the big screen soon. Netflix has just announced that they will be blessing us with three Comedy Specials. Earlier this month, Chapelle hosted a Saturday Night Live centralized around the election. The episode featured Chapelle and A Tribe called Quest. On the episode, they spoke on misleading headlines that stated Chapelle was endorsing Donald Trump. He quickly shut those rumors down.

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There is not a lot of information on Chapelle’s new show. We just know that it will be coming from his “personal comedy vault” and will include footage from his recent tour. Lucas Shaw tweeted,

Dave Chappelle sold Netflix 3 comedy specials, one from his most recent tour and two from his “personal comedy vault.”

Netflix is definitely stepping their game up as they also recently announced a $40 million deal with Chris Rock. These will definitely make “Netflix and Chill” a lot more spicy!

Source: Complex