Justin Beiber is super gangster but we knew that. Justin has never really been one to play around. We’ve seen plenty of feistiness come from his way. In a video, we see a man running up to Beiber’s car. In return he gets nothing but a sucker punch and a busted lip.

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In the video, we see the man sticking his hands inside of Justin’s moving car. He even runs with the car. I mean what else was Beiber to do. If you ask me, he did what he had to do. Fans can be heard cheering for Beiber. Those cheers then turned to screams as they witnessed the punch. The man then shows off his busted lip in which his friends all react with a surprise. No one seen that coming. Maybe for the sake of fans being around, Beiber could have handled it differently, but someone puts there hands inside your car, the first instinct is to probably punch them. The man is on camera speaking a different language. Not sure what he said, but he looks pretty pissed. This should teach two lessons. 1. Never put your hands in someones car and 2. don’t mess with the Beibz.

Check out the encounter below.

Source: TMZ