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Kanye Went’s last rant went down at his Saint Pablo stop in Sacramento over the weekend, where he arrived an hour late, played only three songs (one of which was the same one two times,) and cut the show after that. Needless to say, ticketholders weren’t pleased with their waste of both time and money, and now a local radio station is taking a stand.

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Sacramento’s Hot 103.5 has decided to stop playing Ye’s music, and the decision has been explained in detail by the station’s music director, Justin “JayMarZZ” Marshall:

“Everybody came out to have a great time Saturday night. A lot of fans in the building, a lot of people had spent a lot of hard earned money, bro. A lot of hard earned time – time, time, time. Time is something we can’t get back. Everyone can get a refund back, but you can’t get your time back. You can’t get the emotion back that you were gonna put into that show, to watch someone that you love. The person you buy their music to perform. This is called”a moment,” folks. These are what make our lives. Moments and memories to share with each other and stuff, and he took that from people Saturday night.”

Do you think they’ll change their stance with the news of Kanye’s breakdown and hospital stay?