Every year there is a mad rush by shoppers around the U.S. to get there hands on the best deals available for Black Friday. Unfortunately every year there is violence that comes with the great deals and this year is no different. Already there has been shootings in New Jersey, Tennessee, and Nevada and the lives of three have been claimed. Check in after the jump for more details.

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New Jersey:

In New Jersey a 20 year old man was shot and Killed. His brother also was shot but in the leg and is currently recovering. The shooting occurred around 1 a.m. at Hamilton Mall in Mays Landing. The shooting happened while shoppers were in the Macy’s shopping. Its unclear why the shooting occurred and information on who the victims were still have not been released.


A man was hurt when he was shot in the front of Wolfchase Galleria Mall, a mall located in Memphis. According to witnesses a man open fired into a parking lot, releasing several shots. The man is said to have sped off in a red mustang but that’s all the information that has been released. Whether the man is on the loose, who the victim is, or if there are any leads is still unclear.


A man was gunned down in a driveway near the Super Walmart in Reno. Police are saying the incident is not actually related to shopping but rather it was road rage. The incident did however occur while black Friday sales were going on. The man was shot at 6:05pm. The shooting is said to have occurred over a parking spot just minutes after sales began. The shooter is described as a black man in a dark colored Toyota, with damage to his side and rear view mirrors.

Its sad that all this senseless violence takes place every year during the holiday. Be safe.

Source: NY Daily