Kodak Black, who’s real name is Dieuson Octave, has now been transferred from the St. Lucie County Jail on Monday to South Carolina. He was moved to face the penalty for a pending sex charge. Back in August, Kodak dodged a long prison sentence after the judge claimed to see potential in him as an hip-hop artist and wanted to give him another chance.

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That was then put to rest after authorities found two outstanding warrants. One of the warrants involved two misdemeanor drug charges. Kodak pleaded no contest. Public records showed that he pled a misdemeanor charge of possession of 20 grams or less of cannabis and a second misdemeanor charge of use or possession of drug paraphernalia. That lead to him spending 120 days behind bars and will be credited for the time spent in jail since his May arrest. Kodak’s license will be suspended for a year and he is ordered to pay court costs of $289.

His second warrant stemmed from a incident in South Carolina in a hotel. He is currently being accused of sexually battery. Black lawyer say they are confident that Kodak will be cleared of the charges.

“We are firmly convinced that he will be vindicated in that charge and shortly be set free,” said attorney Gary Kollin, based in Fort Lauderdale.

“The last time we both saw him was Nov. 7, a Monday, and he was doing well, and he calls us frequently,” said Allan Zamren, based in Miami. “We spoke to him late last week.”

“He’s looking forward to getting to South Carolina so he can go on with his life and career,” Kollin added.

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Source: Complex