Desiigner is now officially off the hook for his NYC drug arrest behind him. His record will now be cleared for the final charge for possession. The D.A. has now decided to dismiss the charge while in court. Desiigner pretty much got really lucky after other charges were previously dropped in September.

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The NY rapper got hit with intent to sell, menacing and possession of a loaded gun. Investors never found a gun and the drugs turned out to be steroids which were prescribed by the driver of the SUV. Desiigner himself was not in court. His attorneys Ian Nyles and Stacey Richman represented him and got a chance to release a statement saying,

“We’re happy he’s been exonerated … and happy with the investigation from the D.A.”

Back in September, a driver claimed that Desiigner and friends had flashed a gun at him during a road rage incident. Cops pulled the car over and found no such gun but they arrested the driver for the steroids found. Desiigner is now off the hook, lets just hope he stays out of trouble! The music is the most important not all this other stuff. We’re bout due for another Desiigner track anyway.

Source: TMZ