After leading an anti-hate rally in Brooklyn at the then-defaced Adam Yauch Park, Beastie Boys member Adam Horovitz (aka Ad-Rock) is making another positive move.

Along with vegan shoe company Keep, Horovitz is releasing the Keep x Ad-Rock midtop sneaker, with ALL profits from its sales going to Planned Parenthood.

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Says Horovitz about the collab:

“Winter’s cold and I couldn’t find a warm sneaker to walk around in. Given the outcome of our current election, it’s gonna get a lot colder before we can feel that summer sun again. So I collaborated with my friend Una [Kim, founder of] Keep shoes not just because I wanted warm sneaks, but because I support small business. I support women run business. I support Asian-American run business. Net proceeds of this shoe will be donated to Planned Parenthood because I support a woman’s right to choose and feel that women should not be punished for making decisions about their own lives and bodies. If you have similar beliefs, you might wanna grab a pair. Or, if you simply support fresh styles, then you too can be part of what peeps in Keeps are doing.”

Pre-order is available now here.

You guys are amazing!!!! Thanks to everyone pre-ordering the Keep x Ad-Rock kicks which support #PlannedParenthood. If you've written or messaged with questions, please know we will respond to you as fast as we can! We're a little overwhelmed by the influx but happily digging in. Also everyone who wants the sweatshirt which sold out in about two seconds, we'll be re-stocking soon and will let you know when. Just want to say how sincerely moved we are that so many of you have shown such support, are spreading the word, and wrote so many sweet and kind messages. We worked on this with Adam as a way to channel our energy and to try to do something, however small, to support and protect the things we hold dear. Thank you community for energizing us when we felt shook, for inspiring us and motivating us. We stand taller and stronger because of you! #keepxadrock #adrock #beastieboys #veganshoes #consciousfashion ?: @sleepydz

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