A Texas resturant by the name of “Little Woodrows” is now catching tons of fire as they have been turning away customers with face or neck tattoos. The resturant has many locations such as in Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio and Midland. All the locations ask that people with neck or face tattoos cover up in order to be let inside. People are now upset saying that the restaurant’s policy is discriminatory and unfair, which I agree.

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Tattoo artist and TV host, Oliver Peck says he was one of the customers turned away by the resturant owners. He says,

“Not everybody with a neck tattoo is in a gang. Sorry to break the news to you.” The company’s lawyer says the resturant is not banning ink, they just prefer no neck or face tattoos. Other people who were turned down recorded the incident as they were turned down. I mean how do you turn down someone who wants to spend their money at your establishment because they have tattoos on their body. Attorney Brita Stanton says the resturant is actually within its right. Legally people who have tattoos are not considered a protected class such as race and religion. I don’t have any neck or face tattoos but you wont catch me at a ‘Little Woodrows.’

Source: WSHH