#Freestyle027 As we continue down a path of real bars, come get to a ‘Cinderella Story’ if Cinderella and her Prince Charming consisted of 2 of the most prolific MC’s in the game!!!!!

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Listen, you already know I like to breakdown the night, I usually start with how the experience with a rapper I just met, or kinda knows, OR have a great relationship with…. But Pap & Remy really damn near go back like 8 track, before all of this, we know each other, like fam!!!

So I can’t go back that far, but I’ll go back to this past Saturday when #Hot4TheHolidays happened, Flex had told me earlier in the week Pap and Rem were coming through, I asked Pap, and he confirmed it was happening, so I got Hype(I prefer when I know someone, less I have to do!). SO I hit Pap today and asked what beat they wanted, and he said Rem wanted “NY State of Mind’ by Das, of course it was lit. So I get ready, head down town, oh did I mention Emmis Digital Corp were in town and they wanted a first hand look at the freestyle, I hooked up with them 30 mins prior to the time we’re supposed to tape, take them to the place we tape. Then Flex pulls up at the time we tape, and as he pulls up, Pap and Remy pul up, perfect timing!!

Ok we go upstairs, have some dietary talk(40 Day Reset), do a Mic level check that turns into Remy and Pap knocking out the freestyle in one take, but since it was a audio level check, we taped it again, but it’s really what you see, they knocked it out in ONE TAKE!!!

So many pieces were hitting in the freestyle, Remy bodied it, Pap killed it, and I got a shout out, Not to mention they checked out the new Snapchat spectacles, a Tech look out of it!!!