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Fifth Harmony was Fourth Harmony briefly last night, after Lauren Jauregui was arrested in a Washington D.C. airport. The reason? Weed!

Lauren was stopped at TSA, and forced to submit to a secondary search, when the TSA employee found what appeared to be a bag of weed in her carry-on. She was arrested and eventually released, and the group will perform their show as scheduled tonight in Brazil.

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That was so unnecessary. We really need to legalize this everywhere, because an arrest for weed is a waste of everyone’s time and could have really screwed up a LOT of money if the show was last night and Lauren missed it. What do you think?

Also, I hope she’s not all extra apologetic about this because they’re a wholesome girl group. It’s definitely not a big deal at all, and I don’t think she should be sorry.

Source: TMZ