During an interview with DJ Whoo Kid, Lil Uzi says he recently was in the studio with Kanye West. Uzi spoke on the encounter saying Ye’ is definitely very inspirational.

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Uzi says,

“He drops gems on you and he don’t even know. Like he’s just talking and he’s dropping gems. He’s very intelligent.”

He says the experience was not enough to make him want to change the type of music he makes but Kanye has always had a huge influence on him.

“I’m not gonna say I’ve switched my style as of now, but of course Kanye helped my style in general.”

Uzi and Whoo Kid got a chance to speak on how Uzi linked up with DJ Drama and how his music got played on the radio.

“Don Cannon was driving through Philly and they was playing my songs on the radio and he heard it and called up to the radio station and got my information and hit me up,”

The rapper recently got arrested for fleeing police while on his dirt bike. He’s out now but is still facing pending charges.

Check out the full interview below.

Source: Complex