#Freestyle028 I’m starting this on a Sunday night, On a flight, On my way back from scouting some music content management… I talked with Flex earlier in day about a few things, one being how well the Remy/Pap #Freestyle027 was performing, and how Rem murdered it and Pap really got to show what He Does…. then he told me about this week’s freestyle…. I had questions in my mind ?….

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Ok so small back story, both Flex and myself both ran into Murda Mook and he had Oun-P with him, telling us he was ready… so Flex and I talked and we really hadn’t touched down in the Bronx, so it felt ok for this to happen. Listen, I know all the rappers/artists that reached out, continuing to ask, are feeling away cause others are going first, but trust in the process, know your time will come and it will be the best possible look for You!!!

With all that being said… Keep in mind the day, Bow Wow responding to Flex’s claims of Bow Weezy being finished and washed up, then shows the world he is because he blocked Flex and got emotional… THEN @Rod_Lane_Edits DESTROYED Bow Wow….. any way back to the #Freestyle028, So I come downtown, a little late cause Traffic was nuts, Oun-P called me and was like ‘yo… I’m Here, WYA?’, then he called(I respect moving like that, means he gets things done!), I told him I was around the corner and he was like bet, Pulled up, went up stairs and the Video Dept and and Son and his team were waiting on me ?, Book was there, so I knew this was going to be ‘a night’.

So we did that, Shots Fired, Bow Wow in the wind…. and new targets getting lined up ?.