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Kodak Black was in jail for a majority of 2016, so since his recent release, he’s catching up on everything that he’s missed. One of those things was the mega success that is D.R.A.M. and Lil Yachty’s Grammy-nominated, chart-topping single “Broccoli,” and apparently, the Finesse Kid is not a fan!

“Who these lil n*ggas jockin my little swag, talmbout ‘Broccoli’ man?” an annoyed Kodak asked in a new Instagram video while listening to the song. “You know what, I don’t smoke broccoli no more. I smoke cantaloupe since you lil square ass n*ggas trying to steal my lil swag. I smoke cantaloupe now!”

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Kodak, I know you’re only 19 – but if you did your research, you’d know that it’s actually E-40 who originated the term. How are you going to beef over such a positive song with two super nice rappers? Come on, b!

D.R.A.M. hasn’t said anything, but Yachty did tweet something that appears to be his response. Check out what he wrote in the gallery.