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I have no clue why people still think it’s OK to talk trash to Michael Jordan. Don’t they know their history? Haven’t people heard all the stories of someone trying to trash talk him only to see him toy with their emotions and make them regret ever speaking? Apparently Toronto Blue Jays star, Josh Donaldson, never got that memo and decided to run his mouth a little bit on the golf course.


Took cash from the ? MJ. Got to say it was a good day!

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The trash talking on the course happened more than a month ago but Donaldson just shared the story of what went down with MLB Network yesterday.

The funniest part is Reggie Miller is just sitting at home minding his business and has to be reminded of how many rings he has just because Donaldson thought he would get cute against the GOAT. You can now add Donaldson to the list of people who know you can talk trash to anyone, just not Michael Jordan.

H/t Dime Mag