Yup, right back at it, showing the NYC talent, although we’ll take BARS from anywhere, Bmore got bars, Tay Roc, we went with that, Philly had diff bars, Kur, it’s in there, IF there’s BARS, we want em!!

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I don’t have a tone of backstory here, it happened as the same night as the now becoming infamous #Freestyle028 with Oun-P with Murda Look in attendance! All I can really say is we trusted the source and gave him a chance, and Axel def turned our minds around and got our rRespect…. He has BARS:

‘Bitches say I’m ugly, just say it with your chest’ ???

‘A model friend and her loose cousin’…. He got words ?!!

Impossible Do The and say them…. He said it backwards fam….c’mon!! ?