Like Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said, the Salvation Army should give Ezekiel Elliott an award because his stunt has triggered an increase in donations as expected.  The Cowboys running back jumped into a Salvation Army kettle as a celebration after scoring a touchdown during their win over the Bucs on Sunday.

According to TMZ Sports, there was a 61% increase in giving since Elliot’s touchdown celebration.

They spoke with Salvation Army spokesperson Lt. Colonel Ron Busroe who says the entire organization was pleasantly surprised by Zeke’s stunt, and everyone at the office has been talking about it nonstop.As for the donation boom, Lt. Colonel Busroe says, “From

As for the donation boom, Lt. Colonel Busroe says, “From 8:10pm to 10:30am this morning there was a 61% increase in online giving from the same time frame last Sunday night.”

They collected $182,000 in donations.  In fact, a bunch of people have been making $21 donations, a clear tip of the cap to Elliott.

As for Elliott’s pledge to give to the organization, Busroe says, “We’re very thankful that he’s going to donate.”

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