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Lebron James came into the NBA back in 2003 and was constantly hailed as the next Michael Jordan. The comparisons never stopped and have only grown louder over the years with his success but he seems to be tiring of it. Bron no longer needs to be compared to anyone or mentioned as “the next” anything because he is the first Lebron. There has never been a player in the league like him with all things considered and during the Cavs pre-game shoot around yesterday before their game against the Celtics, he made it clear there should be no comparisons between himself and the GOAT.

Lebron was asked if he has studied film of Jordan as he got into the latter stages of his career to help him stay on top of his game. He was very frank with his answer.

“No I haven’t … He was much more of a scorer. At that point he did a lot of post work (later into his thirties). Our games are just different. His body is different, my body is different than his. You recognize the dominance that someone had at that age, but there’s no similarities in our game, at all.”

Bron even shot down any talk of their fadeaway jumpers being the same.

“Nah it’s different … He has much more lift in his fadeaway than mine, and he was able to (use it as a) go-to move. Our games are completely different.”

He is correct that really nothing about their game is the same. The only thing both players really have in common is that they are both in the discussion as the best overall player ever. Lebron is a much more selfless player who makes sure his teammates are involved and confident, where as Jordan dominated with fear and didn’t really care who he got involved in the game. Not too mention the sheer size difference between Bron & Jordan makes their games different.

This is a discussion that will keep happening whether Lebron likes it or not but he definitely has earned the right to be in his own category.

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