Birdman’s latest signee has just cashed out on a new Audi. But uhhhhh… Weezy has yet to receive the money he has asked for. BTY Young’N is spotted on camera happily copping a new whip in all cash. He then hops on the car and drops stacks on top of the car while at the dealership.

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Not sure how this happened when Wayne still has not gotten his end of the deal. Birdman and Wayne are now in a $51 million lawsuit. Birdman was reportedly suppose to call of the negotiations after hearing Wayne shoutout Roc-Nation. Twitter went in on the new signee calling him an idiot. One person spoke on the signee throwing his money on the dealers desk. He tweeted,

Look how happy he is to take this idiot’s money

Another person tweeted,

Niggas get money from the man and run fast to give it back right away..

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Source: Complex