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Even though Soulja Boy is the talk of the internet right now with the #SouljaBoyChallenge due to his recent interview with VladTv, he’s making news now for giving away free headphones to his fans.

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Soulja Boy teamed up with Tunes Audio to give back free headphones to his fans at the checkout by using code “SOULJA”. There are $50,000 worth of headphones and it’s on a first come first serve basis. It always great to see public figures do things to show their appreciation to their fans.

I just wanna take the time out to say it's funny how the media won't cover the fact that I spent over 50k out my pockets on headphones for my fans all over as a gift… but as soon as it's jail, Rap beefs .. guns or anything negative you all are the 1st to try and bring me down. I'm buying all of you $150 @TunesAudio Bluetooth earbuds go to http://tunesaudio.com use code "SOULJA" at checkout to get them! I wanted to bring in 2017 and give back to all of my supporters something dope for all the support over the years, So I asked @TunesAudio to help me out with this massive giveaway. TUNES specializes in providing quality high end products that musicians use on stage. Sound is what they do best! So best know when you use my code "SOULJA" at tunesaudio.com check out you will be receiving a high end quality gift, just paying for the shipping. Due to the mass amount of love TUNES has  fulfilled an abundance amount of orders, you may now encounter a backorder at check out. If so it's worth the wait! Theses are $150 Bluetooth earphones! Enjoy and have a prosperous 2017! Good vibes only #NYE I'm just an American trying to feed my family and live my dreams

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