Photo Credit: Cork Gaines Twitter

Photo Credit: Cork Gaines Twitter

Former NBA coach George Karl recently caught some serious heat after he talked badly about Carmelo Anthony and Kenyon Martin not having dads in his new book “Furious George.”  Now in comes former FSU football coach Bobby Bowden.

Like Karl, Bowden was on Mike & Mike to release a memoir, but his was a limited release documentary based on the autobiography of the same name, The Bowden Dynasty.

The 87-year-old talked about his fatherless players and equated it their tendency to wear earrings.

“Sixty-five or 70 percent of my [players] did not have a daddy at home.” Bowden complained. “They were raised by their mamas, them sweet ol’ mamas. Thank God for them mamas, or grandmama. Many times it was grandmama. Or big sister. Or aunt.  But where’s the man? A boy needs a male figure — and the girls do, too — somebody to discipline them and make them be a man.”

“I used to kid about this, but they grew up wanting to be like their momma. That’s why they wear earrings.”

He threw in an “I’m kidding about that,” the earrings part, not the issue with fatherless players…

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