This morning, The LIRR (Long Island Rail Road ) train that left from Far Rockaway and heading into Brooklyn derailed when coming to the last stop. Many passengers suffered minor injuries.

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The Daily News says the “train overshot its platform and plowed into a bumper block.” This accident is something like the train in Hoboken that derailed. 46-year-old Steve Miller was sitting on another train when he saw the train crash.
He said “It looked like slow motion. It was a long crash, and then the whole place filled up with smoke and dust.” The train was only going 10 to 15 mph which would explain why there were only a few minor injuries. The front two cars were damaged and smashed through a bumper block and into a small room at the end of the track.

Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a statement saying,

“There was extensive damage in Hoboken. That train was coming in much faster. This is minor compared to what happened in Hoboken. The question is why didn’t the operator stop the train.”

Source: TSR