In midst of the whole Soulja Boy vs. Chris Brown beef, Chris’s baby mother Nia Guzman has openly shared her support for Soulja Boy. As recently reported, Nia took to Instagram with a photo of her daughter Royalty and tagged Mayweather, who is currently training Soulja Boy. Fetty Wap’s baby mother, Masika Kalysha has now spoke on the photo saying Nia is totally out of line.

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According to Nia Guzman, her post had nothing to do with the fight going on between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown. She stated Floyd has been sponsoring Royalty for a project they are working on.

Check out her full statement below.


Masika took to Twitter to say,

Idgaf how much u hate yo bd u dont get him back by using his kid! U dont take a mans kid around his enemies. U a foul bitter sneaky ass mom. KIDS ARE OFF LIMITS! I hope CB drags ya ass back to court for this. And Soulja girl you foul af for mentionin that mans kid period. I’m legit mad as a motha fka over this shit because imma REAL MOTHER & my kid will NEVER be a PAWN. PROTECT our babies keep them INNOCENT!
It doesn’t matter how you feel. He loves his daughter. We got men out here Tryna do right & women out here Tryna give daughters daddy issues. Why would you want your child to think that their father is anything short of super man? Isn’t the goal to raise happy, healthy emotionally stable children? If you bash you bd to your kid NO MATTER WHAT HE DID TO YOU you’re a trash ass bitch. Bash him 2 ya friends sis

Masika proceeded to mention Mayweather also saying,

I usually don’t rant this early but I’m fkn heated and I hope CB beats the fk outta dude. I need ring side seats @FloydMayweather !!!

Masika is not here for the BS. Since posting the photo, Nia has now turned her Instagram on private. Im sure Masika isn’t the only one with an opinion on it this morning.

Source: Twitter