Photo Credit: Instagram / @TheRealNiaGuzman

Photo Credit: Instagram / @TheRealNiaGuzman

Earlier today, Soulja Boy said he’d hung out with both Nia Guzman and her daughter Royalty at Floyd Mayweather’s house last night, which would be a pretty big problem, considering who Royalty’s dad is and his beef with Soulja.

Sure, Nia is free to do what she wants, but using their child as a pawn to be petty in the situation is NOT the way to do it…but according to her, that’s not what she was doing. While she never denies she was at the house, she says she’s been cool with Mayweather for months now, and has been posting Royalty in TMT gear before this whole mess with no problems. Apparently, there is a “project” in the works for Royalty that Mayweather is sponsoring, but I don’t know. The timing of her post of Royalty in TMT clothing yesterday was not the move, no matter the intentions. I’m not Chris fan, but I’m certainly not a fan of using children in a war, either.

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