A man from Compton has now made a 30 minute video on the Soulja Boy and Chris Brown beef. The man says he is REALLY from Compton and neither one of them has had to go through what he has went through with Bloods and Crips. He says it is not a game out there. He says people have died, families have been broken, and lives have been destroyed from the violence in Compton. He goes on to explain life living in Compton.

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This man says everyday he had to deal with gangs in Compton growing up. He says Chris and Soulja know NOTHING about gang banging. Being a superstar does not save you from gang banging. He says the two needs to stop it and go back to the city that they are from. He goes on to say its sad when black people want to kill each other over something they know nothing about. He says Chris and Soulja are “out of line.” Its a code of honor in Compton and if they want to see their lives they need to stop.

This man is talking some real stuff.

Check out the full statement below.

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