photo credit: youtube

This Cowboys fan wanted a piece of Odell Beckham Jr and Lawrence Taylor and he got all he was asking for and then some. OK, obviously it’s not OBJ and LT in the video but the Giants fans wearing their jerseys were ready to put in some work with a Cowboys fan who just didn’t know when to quit.


The video, which is actually from September 11th of this year when the Giants visited Dallas to start the season but wasn’t put online until this week, shows one Dallas fan running his mouth to a couple of Giants fans while a woman who is with him tries to stop him and talk some sense into him.

Unfortunately he let his alcohol get the best of him and decided to make a move when the guy with the LT jersey on just absolutely rocks him.

To make things even worse, as he tried to gather his thoughts after getting dropped, his pants then decide to drop on him and it takes a second before he even realizes it.

Another Dallas fan in a Sean Lee jersey attempted to run his mouth to the same Giants fans but he isn’t as stupid as his friend and smartly lets things be.