A judge has ruled that Aaron Hernandez’s gun tattoos can be used against him in his double murder case.  Hernandez allegedly got the tats to commemorate two violent crimes.

Prosecutors believe the former NFL star memorialized two violent incidents, including the 2012 double murder, by getting the weapons he used tatted on his body.

In the murder case, prosecutors believe the killer fired 5 shots from a revolver, and believe it’s no coincidence that Aaron went out and got a tat of a revolver with 5 bullets along with the words, “God Forgives.”

Prosecutors also believe another tattoo of a semi-automatic pistol with a single spent shell casing commemorates the time he shot a guy in the face in 2013 with a semi-automatic pistol.

Aaron’s lawyers argued that the tattoos should NOT be admissible, claiming it was “rank speculation.”

But the judge ruled there’s too much of a connection to ignore and will allow prosecutors to present them as evidence in court.  In addition to the tattoos, a witness (who was also shot during the incident) ID’d Hernandez as the shooter.

Hernandez is accused of killing two people in a drive-by shooting after they accidentally bumped into him inside a Boston nightclub.  The double murder trial begins Feb. 13th.

Hernandez is currently serving life in prison for killing his friend Odin Lloyd.

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source: TMZ Sports