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As a Knicks fan personally, I can admit that the fanbase is one of the worst in all of pro sports. There are plenty of great fans who stick by the team no matter what and to those fans, I salute you. It’s the delusional, crazy, always think they have the right answer type of fans that drive me nuts. Case in point would be the people at MSG last night who booed Carmelo when he shot an airball.


So, let me get this straight. One of the best players in the history of the Knicks franchise, shoots an airball early in the first quarter of a game that the Knicks have the lead in and fans begin to boo him?

#CarmeloAnthony laughs off boos at MSG ??? (video via BR)

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Does that make much sense to you? If you want to boo the team itself for the way they have faded out of the playoff picture over the course of the past month, that’s one thing. To boo the best player on the team for a random meaningless airball is something else.

All Carmelo could do was smile because in his mind at that moment he was probably wishing he was nowhere near this Knicks team and the fans. While he has had a lackluster season from a shooting perspective, Knicks fans will be crying their eyes out if we didn’t have him.