image via: youtube

Giannis Antetokounmpo has been taking the NBA by storm this season and he has apparently been reaching fans everywhere! The “Greek Freak” had already started showing his potential last year but he has raised his level of play even higher so far and it has been showing in the all-star voting. Giannis is currently second only to Lebron James among frontcourt players in the eastern conference and the votes are coming in from everywhere.


Last week he had joked that he would have a million more votes if fans knew how to spell his last name correctly. Ironically he may be right considering if you submit your vote on twitter or Facebook you do have to spell out the players name along with the hashtag #NBAVOTE. I bet he never thought he would see a vote for himself coming from Pornhub though.

Making this even more funny is the fact that whoever tried to submit that vote wound up spelling his last name wrong anyway. Not that this vote would’ve likely counted even with correct spelling but still, it’s all pretty humorous.