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Joel Embiid and the Sixers are feeling great about themselves right now. Last night they extended their win streak to three games, which isn’t much on the surface but when it’s the first time in more than three years that it’s happened, you could see why it would be a big deal to the players. Embiid has made his arrival to the league after waiting two long years and he is already a fan favorite and constantly finds himself in the news even when their isn’t a game on. As it turns out, Embiid’s favorite wrestler from the back in the day was Triple H and after he endorsed him for the all-star game, you know Embiid had to honor him the right way.


After the Sixers beat the Knicks at the buzzer on Wednesday, a picture of what looked like Embiid choking his teammate T.J. McConnell, made it’s way around twitter. Embiid saw it and put his own caption to it, explaining it was the former WWE superstar that showed him the chokehold.

Triple H saw the tweet and added his own caption, as well as making sure to keep the hashtag of #NBAVOTE so Embiid would get votes for every single retweet.

That was all Embiid needed to go out and get his WWE on and do his intro to the game the same way Triple H would when he would come out to the ring.

#JoelEmbiid does his best Triple H impression (video via SC) ???

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Triple H saw the intro and let Embiid know that it was a good first try but he still has things to work on.

As of the time of this posting, Embiid is about 16,000 votes of Kevin Love for the third starting frontcourt position for the eastern conference. I doubt anyone will be surprised if he eventually passes him and with guys like Carmelo Anthony, Jimmy Butler and Kristaps Porzingis slowly fading in the votes, it should lock up the spot for Embiid, especially when he gets help from guys like Triple H.