image via: tmz

If Ronda Rousey decides she isn’t going to retire from UFC and gives it one more shot, then she has no choice but to become a better fighter with her hands. Both of her losses were brutal in part because both Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes exposed her lack of hand skills as they pummeled her mercilessly. Luckily for Rousey, if she does want to fight again, the best to ever do it, Floyd Mayweather, is willing to help her out.


At one point the media and fans alike had tried to turn Rousey and Mayweather into rivals, with some people even going as far as to be convinced she could actually heat him. While that was comical, every once in a while Floyd would throw shots at her in return for the nonsense she was talking about him at the time.

Now he wants to work with her but only if she is down for it as well.

“I’ll work with her if she’s willing to work with me,” Floyd said. “I don’t have anything against anyone. We’re willing to work with her”.

As you saw, it didn’t take Floyd long to start talking about jewelry and money and things that have nothing to do with fighting but he was quick to point out it’s because he was smart with investments while still focusing on his career.

It’s doubtful that Rousey will take him up on his offer but it’s clear that no matter what she needs a new trainer, one who will teach her how to better protect herself and throw punches back.