A man has recently been taken into custody for trolling young girls into sending him naked photos by telling them he was Justin Beiber. Back in 2014, Bryan Asrary, found a young girl who was checking out Justin Beiber’s Instagram page. Asrary sent the girl a message saying he knew Beiber and could get her to meet him through text.

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Asrary pretended to be Beiber and told the girl to send them photos and if they didn’t he was going to hurt them. The girl then sent the man nudes and videos. The man contacted the girl again last year. He then told her he was going to publish and broadcast the photos she had sent him unless she sent more. The young woman then told her mother then cops were called. The man confessed to the crime to police. He also admitted to extorting other girls around the country. Asrary is currently facing extortion, child porn and other charges.