Photo Credit: FOX 50

The Green Bay Packers ousted the Dallas Cowboys yet again from the playoffs but this time it had a major effect on Super Bowl 51 ticket prices.

The Cowboys went 13-3 this past season with the new help from rookies Ezekiel Elliott, and Dak Prescott taking over for Tony Romo at quarterback.  Many people speculated that they would make it to their first Super Bowl in 21 years, and in nearby Houston, but kicker Mason Crosby cemented the Packers 34-31 win.  Soon after the game, Super Bowl ticket prices plummeted.

According to ESPN, before Sunday’s playoff game, the cheapest ticket to Super Bowl LI on StubHub was $4,195. Shortly after the Cowboys lost, the get-in price was down 20 percent to $3,349. Tickets in the lower end zone dropped 18 percent to $4,307.

“The threat of the Cowboys playing in a Super Bowl within a four-hour drive of their home stadium was propping up get-in ticket prices to unprecedented levels,” said Patrick Ryan, co-founder of Eventellect, a Houston-based ticket distribution company. “Cowboys fans were willing to take the risk of buying tickets and their team not making it because of the uncertainty of what would happen if they did make it.”

Ryan said the money floating around Houston, without the Cowboys fans, will also drop.

“Tickets to all the major parties will come down in value, as there will be fewer fans, in general, coming to town to experience the Super Bowl festivities,” Ryan said.

Should the Packers and New England Patriots make it to the Super Bowl, their fans travel in droves, but they’ve recently had their chances in the big game, not a major gap like the Cowboys.  The Packers will face the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Championship game, and the Patriots will face the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Championship game.

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