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Jim Jones is making a potential power move – and while it’s smart for his own personal business, it could also be out of spite a little bit too.

Back in the Dip Set golden era, the Harlem crew notoriously beefed with Jay Z, after things went sour while they were signed to Roc-A-Fella. Both Cam’Ron and Jim Jones publicly dissed Hov in songs and in viral videos, and to this day it doesn’t appear that Cam and Hov have ever made it quite right. Hov and Jim seem to be a different story now, however.

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Taking to Instagram yesterday, Jomo revealed that he was inside the offices of none other than Roc Nation, writing:

“If I told you I was in the Roc Nation office, how would you feel about that? You’d think I was lying’? That’s clear enough for you? Talk to me, let me know your sentiments, ya heard?”

Jim and Cam are currently on the outs, so this definitely is a little jab toward Killa, whether Jim means for it to be or not! What do you think about the potential move?

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