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Taxstone has recently been arrested for connections in the Irving Plaza shooting that took place last year. Troy Ave has now spoken out on the arrest calling it a “positive step closer to true justice.”

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Troy Ave released a statement through his lawyer saying,

“I view the charges brought today before the SDNY as a positive step in the direction of true justice for what occurred at Irving Plaza that night,”

He is currently trying to fight two charges, attempted murder and two counts of criminal possession of a weapon in connection with the gunplay. Troy claims he had no other choice but to defend himself upon watching his best friend get killed right in front of him. his lawyer, John B. Stella says,

“As we have said since May 26, 2016, Roland Collins (Troy Ave) did not enter Irving Plaza with a handgun the night of the TI concert. He was not responsible for the four shots fired inside the Green Room that took the life of his dear friend (Ronald) McPhatter, and caused injury to him and two other innocent bystanders.”

Taxstone is now being held without bail.

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